Bright blind! On April Fool's day, check out those stupid tennis shoes with big holes in the brain - - New Shoes Release 2017
Today is April Fool's day, pure you cheated? As long as we uphold what we say today, we don't believe it!" The principle will be very stable, such as we are so nice attention! (do you believe it?)
below we will check the "fool" shoes, the truth can be made in this way, the brain hole too much ah!

Air Jordan 5 "Transparent"

yes, as you can see, the uppers of AJ 5 are really transparent. Are you inspired by the kiss of death? And the touch of spring green attracted me deeply, as if to whisper to me, "spring is coming, spring is coming."! The grass is green..." I do see my heart is green!

everyone knows AJ9 and AF1 have a hybrid shoes, a pair of small but it will see little I really never seen the next ~ trouble in the classic burst lines do some good for you, there are "23" embroidery is also into chaos in, what do you think!

(this pair is serious AJF 9, I am afraid you are this pair of fake shoes brainwashed)

> FakeThis pair of

we are very familiar with it, the Milky Way celebrated the spray! But why is this sole so green?! It's not yet night. You can make it green. If it's night, you can't fly up? The next time you take a look at the color tone, the shoe body is purple ink spilled? Do not just think, this pair of shoes is only the punchline carbon plate, how can do so like fake plastic ~ my God, so magical!

(which looks more texture, fake shoes need to strengthen yo ~)

Air Jordan 6 360

, at the first sight of the shoes, I want to give you a 360, bow, and what NMD?! What else, Ultra Boost?! What else, Sock Dart?! With it, you can run as fast as Boulter!

we all know that Obama is the first black president in U.S. history, may do this pair of shoes friend wanted to commemorate this historic moment, but I can walk a snack, you get a pair of shoes or a really ID ah, you have to make such a pair of shoes to leave so bad know that Obama should be happy or cry? "Yes we can" shoes as if we can make better fake shoes ~ careful students will find "TWO> tongue

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